Rezharco Doria

I’ve been an interior architect for over a decade and have enjoyed every element of the creative process.

I’ve found that the true art of design is experiential. Creating spaces, environments and buildings should be about the individual, the user and the human element.

I specialise in Hospitality & Retail design due to my love for the industries. I have worked for numerous hotel chains and I use this ‘first hand’ experience to inform my design process.

I am not a show boater, a hero, a know it all. I am a believer in making our environment better, plain and simple.

Rezharco Doria | Creative Director

BSc Arch | Dip(He) Int. Design


Rekha karumanchi

I actually started my career as an engineer, but quickly discovered a love for interiors and decided to move careers at an early stage.

Having had the pleasure of designing for some of the leading hotel brands across Asia, I bring a wealth of experience to the process and will be there to guide the team at every step. I have been a part of many award winning projects such as the Fairmont Peace Hotel, Four Seasons Spa and Galaxy Ritz Carlton ESPA.

When I see the imagination turning into the reality, it drives me to be a better designer.

Rekha Karumanchi | Senior Designer

 Associate Degree Applied Business Int. Design | Diploma Interior Design


Sherilyn de Klerk

I have always had a fascination with space in a built environment; whether it be vast or compact space envelops us.

I am meticulous, organized and passionate about delivering quality, whether it be in the form of a product or service. I have a practical approach within all aspects of my career and I believe that simplicity aids function and organization.

My experience falls within commercial, hospitality and retail industries both in New Zealand and overseas and I am keen to continue to build my portfolio within these areas.

Sherilyn de Klerk | Designer

BDes 2012


Hana Stay

I believe as designers we need to not only focus on how a space will look but how it will be experienced and interacted with. Dedicated and passionate, every day and every project is a new and exciting opportunity to grow and create something new.

I earned a Masters in Art and Design, and went on to receive silver at the Best Awards for Spatial Design. I specialise in commercial and hospitality design and have a strong interest in creating functional but beautiful spaces. 

Hana Stay | Designer

Bachelor of Design in Spatial Design | Bachelor of Art & Design (Honours) in Spatial Design (BDes (Hons)) | Master of Art & Design (MAD)


David Coetzee

Inspired by my awkward neon youth spread across two continents. I grew up with a healthy diet of science fiction films, R.L Stine and alternative punk rock music, that continues to permeate my life.

An endless curiosity for all things theatrical and sensational is guided today by my years of formal study into the world of art and spatial design. It is my belief that the spaces we inhabit should be an unconscious extension of ourselves, and therefore the act of designing space is no different to the act of storytelling.

David Coetzee | Designer

BAS Interior Architecture | Master of Interior Architecture (MIA)


Stephanie Widjaja

Design has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a child I focused on painting and drawing, but as my love for art expanded, I found myself excited about Interior Architecture and Design.

I enjoy collaborating with my clients to create a space that integrates their unique personality. My designs are distinguishable for my minimalist but timeless style and my background in art provides me a unique understanding of colour, texture, and shape.

Stephanie Widjaja | Designer

BAS | MArch Prof. (Hons)


Suzanne Lear

I’ve wanted to be a creative, a designer all my life. I remember memories as a child space planning in my head, long before I knew ‘space planning’ was part of a profession called Interior Design. It is and has been a part of me for many years and the best part…bringing the vision to life.

Passionate, precise and dedicated. I believe in delivering outstanding design solutions no matter what the project, size, shape or value.

I’m a specialist in both commercial and hospitality projects, having worked over both disciplines for over 15 years, developing a sound knowledge for what does and doesn’t work. Tried and tested, sometimes the hard way.

For me great design is about immersion and understanding.

Suzanne Lear | Creative Director

BA (Hons) Int. Des


Saila Wang

From doodling in my school books to eventually studying architecture & interiors, I grew up moving on from crayons to graphite to AutoCAD and now to Revit. Art & design have always been part of my life.

 For me, design is not necessarily good or bad, but rather “effective” or “ineffective”. I want to be remembered for designing an amazing experience - not remembered for picking the latest trending colour. After all, it’s us that live and breathe the space.

 Saila Wang | Designer

BAS | Diploma in Applied Interior Design


Kate Fraser

One of my earliest memories is the smell of saw dust in my Poppa’s work shed. He was a carpenter by trade and as a child I would spend time with him making bird’s houses. This instilled a lifelong interest in creating and set me on the path to study interior architecture and industrial design.

As a designer at Y—6, my goal is to create thoughtful and elegant spaces. Sustainability is always in the forefront of my mind and influences all of my design decisions. There is a wealth of knowledge at Y—6 and I relish the learning opportunity that working here provides.

 Kate Fraser | Designer

BAS Interior Architecture | GDipDI Industrial Design


Josh Ye

I have always had a passion for the creative side of life; I am well versed in photography and art, but my first love has always been interiors. Once I begin the design process, I am motivated by that ‘wow’ moment when I present the visuals to my client.

My goal is to always create a space that is not only beautiful, but functional. I pride myself on attention to detail, and I’ll always put the extra effort in regardless of the scale or budget.

Josh Ye | Designer

BAS Interior Architecture | PgDip Interior Architecture


Colleen Klein

I’m Colleen, the Procurement and Operations Coordinator here at Y—6. After completing my post graduate program at King’s College London, my career began as an Academic Advisor for an Art and Design University in California. It was during this time that I discovered true enjoyment in helping others become successful.

My professional philosophy centres around one simple thought: how can I help others find solutions. I’m passionate about building relationships, connecting with new people and places, and discovering all the things that make life worthwhile.

Colleen Klein | Procurement & Operations Coordinator

BA English + Sociology | MA English


Will Dodson

As the Commercial Associate for Y — 6, I am responsible for handling the day to day operations in the commercial sector of the business.

Raised in Auckland, I have always been involved in the hospitality industry, which I think has helped give me the gift of gab. My role in the business is a diverse one and requires positive energy and a hunger to succeed. I graduated from AUT with a Bachelors of Business, majoring in both Marketing and Entrepreneurship, which has helped to form the basis of my knowledge in the role. I spent time overseas as a child for my father’s sailing profession, who was based in Seattle for the America’s Cup syndicate.

Will Dodson | Commercial Associate

BA Business